Color the Future

In Japan, where TOYOTOMI is headquartered,
the "seven colors" that comprise the rainbow
carries with it the meaning of happiness, joy, and hope.
At TOYOTOMI, we not only provide comfort through our heating and cooling products,
we also want to deliver happiness and joy through pleasant conversation and quality
time with friends and family that only a comfortable space can provide.
We hope that by using TOYOTOMI products for a long time,
each person's future will be filled with many joyful moments.

Our mission

“Developing manufacturing industry is essential to reconstruct the country.” With this strong will and confidence, the founder, Kazuharu Nakamura, established TOYOTOMI KOGYO Co., Ltd in early 1949. Since that, with the slogan of “Gratitude to society” in our mind, we have made it our mission to contribute to society through research and development of products that make life more comfortable and that were not yet available in the world.


At the foundation of our manufacturing is the concept of “making products as a lump of sincerity”. We are always thinking about what functions are required and how we can make our products easier to use. Even though we may not be able to meet our customers in person, we are committed to meeting each one of them individually, pursuing quality that will satisfy them without limit, and delivering only, what we are confident in without ever compromising.


Warm in winter and cool in summer, in any season and in any space, from northern to southern countries in Japan and from northern to southern hemispheres in the world. TOYOTOMI's heating and air conditioning products are indispensable to people all over the world, helping them to spend their days comfortably and pleasantly. We will continue to take on various challenges with the hope of becoming such a company.