Q.Symptom identification (EPH series)

Failure Check / Electric Heater
Symptom To be checked/cause Countermeasure
It does not run Is there a power outage? Check other electric appliances
Is the power plug disconnected from the outlet? Insert the power plug securely into the power outlet.
It does not warm Is the temperature control set to “low”? The temperature of the temperature sensing unit may have reached the set temperature and the heater is turned off. Set the temperature control to “High”.
Mica heater does not turn red Normally, mica heater does not turn red. Even if it is not red-hot, it still emits far-infrared radiation. It is not abnormal.
It smells odor. In the initial stage of use, volatile organic compounds, carbonyl compounds, etc. may dissipate and produce an odor. In this case, please ventilate the room thoroughly. The odor will diminish with use.
It emits noise. Click: This is the sound of the switch that energizes the heater and is not an abnormality.

click-clack: This is the sound of the heater expanding and contracting due to heat, and is not abnormal.

Ding: Heater vibrates slightly due to heat, which is not abnormal.

The power plug is abnormally hot. The outlet is not plugged in securely. Or, is the power plug not jiggling when plugged into the outlet? Insert the power plug securely. If it still rattles, ask the installer to replace the outlet. If the power plug is abnormally overheated even after replacing the outlet, contact the dealer where you purchased.