Cleaning the strainer of a constant fuel leveler

Maintenance Methods / Laser FF Heater (Direct Vent)

Clean the strainer of the fixed oil leveler with kerosene about once every 3 months and at the end of the season as follows.

① Close the valve on the fuel tank.

②  Place a container over the strainer outlet of the fuel leveler, remove the two screws, and pull out the strainer.

When removing the strainer, kerosene will spill from the fuel leveler, so place the container under the main unit to prevent floor contamination. Also, place a piece of cardboard to prevent kerosene from spilling from the fuel leveler onto the inside of the main unit.

③ Clean the strainer with kerosene.

④ Install the strainer back in place and wipe off the spilled kerosene.

⑤  Open the valve of the fuel tank.

⑥ Check for oil leakage.

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