Q.Heard that Silicon-made products affects badly, is this true?

FAQ / Laser Clean Heater (Unvented)

A.It is true.

The safety device of kerosene fan heater (ignition safety device) detects the combustion flame with low-power electric. If you use the silicon-made products in the room with fan heater, silicon compound may stick inside fan heater. Silicon has high insulation, so if it sticks to safety device, it cannot detect low-power electric, it makes error. 

The malfunction caused by silicon-made products is out of warranty, even if it is during warranty period. 

Cosmetics such as hair spray, shampoo or treatment, fabric softeners, furniture polish, and other products that have warning labels on the product. However, some products containing silicone do not have caution labels or ingredient labels, so please be careful.