Inspect for kerosene leakage, kerosene accumulation, and kerosene oozing

Maintenance Methods / Laser Clean Heater (Unvented)

Always turn off the stove, unplug the power plug from the outlet, and allow the stove to cool down sufficiently before checking or servicing. Failure to do so may result in burns or electric shock. Wear gloves when touching parts or cleaning inside the stove to avoid injury to your hands. Do not wipe stove with benzene or thinner. It will cause discoloration. Do not remove or disassemble electrical components or burners (combustion parts).

If there is oil leakage from the body or fuel tank, kerosene accumulation, or kerosene oozing, stop using the stove immediately. Repair or replace parts to eliminate the cause of the problem and confirm that the machine is safe before use.

①Pull out the fuel tank from the main unit.

② Check if there is anything wrong with the fuel tank. (kerosene leakage, rust, holes, etc.)

③Remove the oil tank mouth cap from the kerosene tank and check for any abnormality.

④If there is rust on the fuel tank mouthpiece, there is a possibility that water may have gotten into the fuel tank.

 If rust has formed on the inside of the fuel tank or the fuel pan of the main unit, please pay close attention to the rust.

⑤After filling the kerosene tank with kerosene and setting it on the main unit, check if there is any kerosene oozing on the base at the bottom of the main unit. If there is kerosene oozing, there is a possibility of kerosene leakage from the main unit, so check carefully.

(If the main unit is tilted while kerosene is still in the main unit, kerosene may overflow from the kerosene pan, and kerosene may ooze onto the base even if there is no problem. In such a case, wipe off the oil and check again after a while.)