How to Clean Combustion and Warm Air Intake (Fan Filter)

Maintenance Methods / Laser Clean Heater (Unvented)

The cleaning method differs depending on the model. Please check the instruction manual before cleaning.

If dust and debris accumulate in the combustion and warm air inlets (fan filter) on the back and sides of the product, it will reduce the amount of air for combustion, causing incomplete combustion, or reduce the amount of air for warm air, causing the overheating prevention device to activate and extinguish the fire. The combustion/warm air intake (fan filter) may be clogged, so please clean the clogged fan filter with a soft brush. The cleaning method and filter installation position differ depending on the model. Please be sure to read the instruction manual of the product and work with safety precautions.


Always turn off the heater, disconnect the power plug from the outlet, and allow the heater to cool down sufficiently before checking or cleaning. Failure to do so may result in burns or electric shock. Wear gloves when touching parts or cleaning inside the heater to avoid injury to your hands. Do not wipe the stove with benzene or thinner. It will cause discoloration. Do not remove or disassemble electrical components or burners (combustion parts).