Q. The color of louver is getting white.

Failure Check / Laser Clean Heater (Unvented)

A.The silicone adhered to the surface of the hot air outlet (louver) due to the use of silicone-based hair coatings or hair treatments in a room with an oil heater operating.。

Products containing silicones include cosmetics (hair care products such as hair treatments and hair shaft coatings, creams for moisturizing, etc.), water repellents and softeners for clothing, etc. (waterproofing spray, ironing spray, antistatic agent, wrinkle-extending spray, etc.), and polish additives and protectants for furniture, etc. (waterproofing sprays, ironing sprays, anti-static agents, wrinkle-eliminating sprays, etc.) for clothes, etc.


Not all manufacturers’ products contain silicone. The degree of influence varies greatly depending on the volatility, amount of silicones used, and other factors.