Burning dry (maintenance of wick)

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Maintenance Information / kerosene heaters

Burning dry is a method of cleaning wick of a kerosene heater by burning off all remaining kerosene in the wick and allowing the heat to penetrate to the inside of wick.

This process removes impurities from the fuel by thoroughly heating the inside of the fuel.


  • Do not perform Burning dry in an area exposed to wind.
  • Please ventilate the room to avoid the smell during Burning dry.
  • If there is still kerosene in the fuel tank, it will take time to complete burning cleaning.
  • If you are short of time, drain the kerosene from the fuel tank before Burning dry.

1.  Prepare the Shin condition.

Crush the kerosene with radio pliers or the like, and then perform the burning process.

(The effect will be enhanced by loosening tar and other hardened parts in advance. )

2.  Perform the normal ignition operation to ensure proper combustion.

3. When the kerosene in the body runs out and the flame becomes low, turn up the flame to full and let it burn until it extinguishes spontaneously.

Keep the fire burning for about 2 hours after extinguishing the fire.

(If the dial is turned back to the extinguished position immediately after extinguishing the fire, the kara-yaki may not be completely done.)

The heat will penetrate into wick and remove impurities from the wick.