Q.Try to use the heater for the first time in sixth months, the dial is too stiff and the wick does not raise up.

Failure Check / Wick Type Kerosene Heater

A.The kerosene remaining in the kerosene heater has probably changed its properties, causing the wick to malfunction. The wick needs to be replaced.

If kerosene was left in the stove during long-term storage, the remaining kerosene will change in quality, increasing the likelihood of a defect in the stove. The use of old kerosene will also increase the likelihood of kerosene failure. After the end of the season or when storing the product for a long period of time, remove the kerosene from the product and clean it before baking.

*Repairs for malfunctions caused by defective kerosene, such as altered kerosene or impure kerosene, are not covered under warranty, even if the product is still within the warranty period.

※When the tar is adhered on the wick, the vertical Wick travel action will have a problem.

※The usage of impure kerosene or too much lowering the wick may cause to adhere tar on the Wick.

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