Q.After pushing emergency extinguish button it ignites, but after the normal extinguish it fails to ignite.

Failure Check / Wick Type Kerosene Heater

A.There is a possibility that turning wick adjuster knob is insufficient. Turn it slowly until beeping sound rings.

After emergency extinguishing and after normal extinguishing (odor saving extinguishing), the feel of turning the wick adjuster knob when igniting the next time will change.

When turning wick adjuster knob after emergency extinguishing, you will hear a grinding sound and feel the mechanism engage as it turns to the electric ignition position.

After normal fire extinguishing (after odor-saving extinguishing), the rotation of wick adjuster knob is very smooth, but you will feel it stop at the position before the electric ignition, and from there turn the adjustment knob further to confirm that a discharge sound is heard.