Organization Chart & History

Organization Chart

April 1, 2023


July, 1949

Founder Kazuharu Nakamura established TOYOTOMI KOGYO Co., Ltd.

February, 1952

Began production of self-developed products such as kerosene cooking stoves.

August, 1959

The heat treatment division was spun off as Toyotomi Heat-Treatment Co., Ltd.

September, 1960

Toyota-related parts division was spun off as TOYOTOMI KIKO Co., Ltd.


Began production of steel furniture.

January, 1964

Steel Furniture Division was spun off as a separate company, TOYOSET Co., Ltd.


Began manufacture and sale of electric heating equipment, electric lawnmowers, etc.

April, 1976

Construction of new Nukata Plant completed.


Established TOYOTOMI U.S.A., INC. in Brookfield, Connecticut, U.S.A.

April, 1990

Company name changed to TOYOTOMI Co., Ltd..

January, 1992

Full-scale production of window air conditioners and summer products began at the main factory.

March, 1996

Began manufacture and sale of air purifier.

April, 2000

Toyotomi Recycle Inc. was established and began recycling and reusing products.

June, 2007

Established TOYOTOMI KOGYO Co., Ltd. as a sales company for pellet stoves and other products.

June, 2012

Meizen Plant was established and TOYOTOMI KOGYO Co., Ltd. was relocated.

April, 2013


November, 2014

Cumulative production of kerosene-burning equipment reached 65 million units.

September, 2015

Kasugai Kako Co., Ltd. was established through a business transfer.

April, 2016

Toyotomi Recycle Inc. merged with Toyotomi Kogyo Co., Ltd. and became the Recycling Division of TOYOTOMI KOGYO Co. Ltd.

April, 2021

Toyotomi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was spun off and renamed “TOYOTOMI SDGs Co., Ltd.”.