Cleanest burning with Double clean combustion



Double Clean Combustion

The Double Clean originally developed by Toyotomi uses two burning chambers. The first chamber, called the primary chamber, ignites and burns most of the fuel and gives off radiant heat. The remaining unburned fuel is passed to the secondary chamber. There it is further burned, producing additional convective heat.

It results that the Double Clean heater reduces emission levels far below those of other kerosene heaters by the use of the Double Clean Heat Chamber. As the graph explains, CO emissions are reduced by up to 15 times – NO, by up to 5 times – compared to *CPSC recommend level. Only the Double Clean can claim the title as the world’s cleanest burning portable kerosene heater.

*CPSC: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Triple Safety Extinguisher

There are 3 ways to extinguish the heater:

  1. By retracting the wick
  2. By a simple touch of button
  3. Automatic shut-off is activated when the heater is bumped or a tip-over.

Wick Life Extender

It extends wick life up to 3 times by using wick height adjuster knob. You can turn up the wick height with the knob every 2 mm in 3 steps.

Double Wall Tank

The double wall tank construction prevents fuel leakage for safety even when the heater is tipped over.

Durable Carbon Glass Fiber Wick

Durable Carbon Glass Fiber Wick ensures a longer wick life-time than cotton wick. Carbon Glass Fiber Wick cannot be burned out easily even if the heater runs out the fuel.

Tar deposit on the wick can be removed cleanly by the method of burning dry.

Automatic Ignition

It ignites automatically by turning the knob clockwise and pushing igniter lever gently to the right.

Far Infrared Heat

The heater provides instant radiant heat.
It warms a room comfortably by radiation heat of far infrared.
The upper heat chamber provides the far infrared heat.

Infrared Heat

The heater provides instant radiant heat.
It warms a room comfortably by radiation heat of infrared.
The lower heat chamber provides the infrared heat.

Fuel Indicator

You can see the fuel level at a glance.
When fuel tank is empty, refueling sign indicates (with red color).

Manual Fuel Siphon

It includes manual fuel siphon to refill fuel as standard accessory.


0.501 ℓ/h
7.5 ℓ
15-23 hrs.
474×474×560 mm
12.0 kg

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