Smokeless, odorless and clean heating by unique vented system

Med: 6,950BTU/h(2.04kW/h)
Low : 3,470BTU/h(1.02kW/h)


Forced Flue System

The biggest advantage of Laser FF Heater is “pipe-within-a-pipe” forced flue venting system, that is, to warm the room without exhausting a combustion gas into the room. The structure is the outer pipe of the venting system brings in cool outside air for combustion while the inner pipe exhausts all gaseous combustion products through the heat exchanger to the outside.

In the process, the room air is heated by the heat exchanger and the large circulation fan distributes clean heat quickly and evenly.

The result is smokeless, odorless, clean, safe and high efficiency heating.

This venting system is easily and directly installed through the wall, whether it be wood, brick, masonry or even metal as found in industrial buildings.

Laser Burner

The Laser FF Heater (Direct Vent) is one of the most fuel-efficient heating systems in the world today. Its special stainless steel heat exchanger offers 92%* fuel efficiency. It gives you all the convenience of a central heating system.

*This 92% efficiency rating means that, assuming water cannot be condensed, 92% of the heat produced by the combustion process is recovered. Assuming the water can be condensed, then the efficiency is approximately 86%.

Automatic Operation

The Laser FF Heater (Direct Vent) features a simplified digital control panel that displays room temperature, temperature settings, clock, and error codes. When the temperature is set with the thermostat, the heater automatically selects one of the four burning modes, “High”, “Medium”, “Low” and “OFF” to reach and maintain the required temperature, while at the same time managing maximum fuel efficiency.

Safety Device

The Laser FF Heater is equipped with the following safety features:

1. Flame Sensor:
detects if the heater is ignited or not. If not, error code will be displayed and the heater stops operating.

2. Overheat Protector:
detects and stops operating when the heater became high temperature in the cause of stopping fan.

Self-diagnosis Function

When something is wrong with the heater such as ignition failure or sudden extinguishing, the LED indicator will display the error condition.

Weekly Timer

The weekly timer can be programmed up to 30 patterns in a 24-hour period of the week. It is designed for energy efficiency by shifting automatically to a low burning mode, generally at night.

Built-in Fan

The Laser Clean Heater’s large circulation fan distributes heat quickly and evenly. A permanent mesh filter protects the circulation fan and the inside components from dust.

Power Failure Recovery System

If at any time a power failure occurs during operation, the unit will automatically restart when the power returns.
The operational status of the heater is automatically stored in memory.

Wi-Fi Function

User can remotely operate the FF Heater from outside by this Wi-Fi function.


FF-V30(External fuel tank-type)
High: 0.339 ℓ/h – Med: 0.230 ℓ/h – Low: 0.115 ℓ/h
460×300×540 mm

12 kg

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