Semi-demand hot water supply kerosene water heater



Lotus Type Heat Exchanger

Achieves 85.7% efficiency and provides high resistance to heat and water pressures with its upper multipipe and bulge-shaped lower burner chamber.

Lotus Burner

The Lotus Burner features dramatically reduced NOx level, quick ignition and quiet operation.
It makes possible compact size design, stable burning, and less odor when igniting or extinguishing.

Automatic Operation

It controls to maintain the desired hot water temperature and safe operation automatically after switching on.

Efficient Hot-Water Supply

No need to wait for a long time to use hot water for bathroom and kitchen since the water is heated directly through running water.

Electricity Saving

The electricity consumption is much less than an electric water heater since kerosene is used for this water heater as main fuel.

Safety Device

It includes the following safety devices:

1. Automatic Combustion Control System:
The unit will automatically stop all operations if ignition fails or if the flame fails during combustion.

2. Empty Burning Safety Device:
If the heat exchanger is not filled with water and the unit is turned on, the unit automatically stops all operation.

3. Over-heat Protector:
In order to prevent burns, the overheat protector automatically stops all operations if the water in the heat exchanger reaches abnormally high temperatures due to temperature controller malfunction.

4. Tip-over Switch:
When the unit senses an earthquake or shock, this device activates to stop the operation.

5. Heat Exchanger Bi-metal Switch:
If the heat exchanger temperature is raised abnormally because of a malfunctioning thermostat, the burner is automatically extinguished.

Forced Exhaust Type (FE)

The water heater is Forced Exhaust Type (FE) which enables the installation inside of house and reducing noise level.

High Corrosion Stainless-Steel Resistance-made Heat exchanger

The Water Heater uses high corrosion stainless-steel resistance SCR for heat exchanger.

Remote Control

It is easy to operate and control from your living area with its monitor lamps.


BS-35 (F)
Hot Water Supply

4.0 ℓ/h
8.8 ℓ
260×510×700 mm
25 kg

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