Portable wickless heater with thermostat control and built-in circulation fan

Low: 2,900BTU/h(0.85kW/h)


Laser Burner

The Laser Burner is designed by the latest technology to attain complete safety and comfort. It provides clean and economical heat without wick maintenance or replacement. This Laser Burner makes it possible to improve NOx reduction technology and also not to be influenced by the quality of kerosene.

Automatic Operation

It controls to maintain the desired room temperature and safe heating.

When the temperature is set with the thermostat, the heater automatically selects one of the five burning modes to reach and maintain the required temperature, while at the same time managing maximum fuel efficiency.

Safety Device

It includes the following safety devices:

1. Tip-over Switch:
When the unit senses an earthquake or shock, this device activates to stop the operation.

2. Ignition Safety Device:
This device activates to stop the operation when ignition fails before combustion.

3. Device for Power Outage:
This device will not activate to reignite in case of power outage.

4. High Limit Switch (Over-heat Protector):
In order to prevent burns, the overheat protector automatically stops all operations if the heater reaches abnormally high temperatures due to temperature controller malfunction.

5. Incomplete Combustion Preventive Device (Flame Rod, Burner Thermistor):
The unit will automatically stop all operations if the flame fails during combustion or incomplete combustion.

Self-diagnosis Function

When something is wrong with the heater such as ignition failure or sudden extinguishing, the LCD indicator will display the error condition.


24-hour programmable timer makes heater operate at desired time and keeps you warm at any time.

Built-in Fan

The Laser Clean Heater’s large circulation fan distributes heat quickly and evenly. A permanent mesh filter protects the circulation fan and the inside components from dust.

Removable Fuel Tank

No need to move the heater when refueling and easy to carry.

Fuel Indicator

When the Fuel Indicator lights up, there is enough fuel left for another 10 minutes of heater use. The count-down of the remaining heating time can be seen in the information display. Every 2 minutes an alarm signal is sounded, warning you to refill the removable tank.

Manual Fuel Siphon

It includes manual fuel siphon to refill fuel as standard accessory.


High: 0.313 ℓ/h – Low: 0.083 ℓ/h
5.4 ℓ
17.3-65.0 hrs.
376×296×428 mm
8.0 kg

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